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Life and Breath: Kichwa People Confront Climate Change in the Amazon

What do Kichwa people, whose ancestors have lived for centuries in the Amazon rainforest, think about its destruction? And what are they doing about it? Filmed in Kichwa with English and Spanish subtitles, the documentary features interviews with Kichwa people and climate change experts to examine how climate disruptions are impacting Ecuador, the sixth most bio-diverse country on the planet, and what communities are doing to confront this immense threat to the planet.

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Both an educational tool for indigenous communities and an account of their concerns about the devastating changes in the world’s most important tropical rainforest, the documentary gives voice to Kichwa communities, whose message to their own people and the world is one of urgent action—and hope.

Life and Breath was selected for the 2010 Green Screen Environmental Film Festival and has been screened for thousands of communities, elected officials, university students, and viewers in the U.S. and Ecuador. It is an ideal teaching aid for Spanish, Latin American studies, global studies, environmental studies, and anthropology programs.

Life and Breath was produced in conjunction with award-winning Luna Productions.

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